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What is CacheWolf?

CacheWolf is a free (open source) software to enable the "paperless" caching.

CacheWolf is a program that combines all the features you need for geocaching. It contains a small database to manage the caches that can be downloaded and imported automatically from the major databases (geocaching.com and Opencaching. De, etc). Each cache are both the description, including pictures and spoiler, and the Logs imported and displayed. In addition to the Travelbugs, which are in the cache, displayed. Also CacheWolf contains a large and clear compass - Rose, with which one can be guided to the cache (this is a GPS receiver required). In addition, you can download cards to show the caches and your position. Advanced features, the integrated planning of opportunity Cache tours and the Travelbugsverwaltung. To assist in the solution of multi-caches, CacheWolf contains a managing additional stages, a calculation of new coordinates by direction and distance and a "Solver", in which one in a simplified programming language ("Wolf Language") can be carried out complicated calculations.

Wolf Cache runs on the PC (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and Windows Mobile-based PDAs. On all operating systems, the same data structure is exactly used so that between PC and PDA the data can be easily copied.


  • Import of GPX files from geocaching.com and opencaching.de, ...
  • Direct download from geocaching.com and opencaching.de
  • Import of spoiler images from geocaching.com and opencaching.de, ...
  • Download maps of topographic maps and aerial photographs (OGC WMS standard / Tile Server)
  • Import of OZI - Maps in any resolutions
  • Display of Travelbugs cached with their target
  • Configurable and sortable list view
  • Creating your own waypoints
  • Download and manage Additional Waypoints
  • Hintdekoder (ROT13)
  • Extensive GEO calculator with many features (Wolf Language)
  • Position indicator and Goto function (GPS receiver must be connected)
  • Moving map with a connected GPS receiver
  • Cache Radar (caches around on blank card)
  • Display of Logs
  • Extensive filter
  • Find waypoints and cache name
  • Numerous export possibilities (Pocket Query, html, loc ...)

What is a geocache?

In relevant magazines is behind headings like "The treasure in the Tupperware container", "scavenger hunt with satellite technology" or "treasure hunt using GPS" the modern form of treasure hunt for outdoor enthusiasts.
The GPS receiver in the size of a mobile phone excursionists on foot, by bike, motorcycle, boat or ship good service in finding the excursion destination afford-and of course the R├╝ckweges-, since prices for appropriate equipment began sharply to decline, is on the hand. But that grown-up people, equipped with a GPS receiver, make the corresponding coordinates and maybe a dog in search of treasures that someone has hidden another, is an entertaining pastime for collectors, hunters, Hobynavigatoren and whole families.
The treasure is usually housed in a waterproof plastic container, consisting of a varying number of more or less of thoughtful touches including a logbook with writing instrument.
Motto of the Search: The journey is the reward.
Anyone who has ever dealt with the various instructions and plans soon developed a preference for certain descriptions: hiking, puzzle, routes on historical paths and in the end almost always an extraordinary hideout. If the "treasure" lifted a little something from the stock will be exchanged, name, date and time are recorded in the logbook and the container is carefully hidden again in the same place. There he waits for the next navigation lover who casts his Peilauge.
The only thing you need for this hobby, is a GPS device, which can be bought in stores or on the Internet.